Unimpressive Italian

I may be a bit of an Italian food snob, but I do try and like all Italian restaurants.  I had a horrible week at work and needed a night out, so my boyfriend and I decided to try Ecco at the Camp.

I had been here a few years ago and they had wine flights that were really good.  However, in that period of time, they got rid of it.  First red flag.  We sat at the bar because it was crowded and we wanted to get in and out quickly.  It took about 8 minutes for someone to even say hello to us.  That same waitress decided that she would rather talk to other staff and her regulars then wait on us.  In fact, I was halfway through my meal before she realized she never gave us the water we asked for when we sat down.  Red flag two.

I ordered the pappardelle bolognese and my boyfriend got the sausage pizza.  Both were okay, but the marina was just so plain.  Nothing stood out, yet the bill was outrageous.  This was the last straw.  The best part of the meal was the truffle oil mushrooms.  I had the idea to put them on the pizza with a fresh sprig of basil.  It was so much better and really made the pizza stand out.  My boyfriend and I agreed that it was the best part of the meal.  (And I am no cook, so clearly this was a simple idea.)

Unfortunately I will have to say that this place just isn't worth your time.  Maybe if you want some wine or beer, then they have a good selection, but the food is just unimpressive.  I would suggest skipping this place.  They do have a brunch though, has anyone tried it?

2/5 pizza pies for mediocre food and poor service

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