The New Lunch Spot: Moulin

No, I don't mean that Red Windmill that Christina Aguilara sang about.  I mean the new café that has taken the place of Pasqual's.  Very similar idea (walk up counter, order salads by the pound, baked goods) but with a larger selection of food, a bigger inside for seating, coffee and drinks and a beautiful outdoor patio.

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Gyu-Kaku: the gift that keeps on giving.

I first attended this glorious restaurant in LA.  It was new and all the rage when I was in high school.  Unfortunately, that was quite a long time ago.  Anyway, this place is still a fun spot - especially during happy hour.  So when I was trying to think of a place to grab dinner at 8:00 on a Friday, I thought why the heck don't I try this place out again?

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Lemonade: a fun, healthy counter spot.

Lemonade has recently appeared at Fashion Island's "food court."  Started in Los Angeles, it is another one of those places that you order your pre-made food as you walk down the line to a counter at the end.  (Think "glorified Souplantation".)  The great part is that the food is actually quite extraordinary: fresh ingredients in ways that other restaurants of this type are just not creating.

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Ragin' Cajun in Santa Ana

In a little strip mall a few blocks away lies a mysterious place, unimportant from the outside but full of delicious flavor and excitement inside.  When I first walked into Ritter's Steam Kettle I was blown away.  I expected a fast-casual, counter service, unassuming place.  What I found was a cute family restaurant full of steam kettles lining the brick walls.  Although nothing fancy or overwhelming, Ritter's brings a sense of character and style I just wouldn't expect in Santa Ana.  And the food was just as pleasant.

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It's getting hot in here so take off..I mean...

Well kids its supposed to be a scorcher this week (again).  I know we were all hoping for fall to arrive, but that's just not in the cards.  I hope you have your A/Cs blasting but if you don't (or if you are just in the mood) stop by the newest trendy ice cream spot: Snow Station.

"Hole in the Wall" doesn't mean bad.

Deep in the heart of Westminster...not really just right off the freeway actually...there is a little shack full of surprises.  I stumbled across this hole in the wall by accident really.  I was looking for a sandwich shop near(ish) to Costco and yelp had a 4 star 500 something review recommendation: Banh Mi Che Cali.
BBQ Pork, a bit fatty but still decent

Interested in Healthy Lunch Options?

During the week I always try to keep my meals "light" because on the weekends all hell breaks lose.  (Read: drunk munchies and hangover cures.)  There is a new fad taking shape in Orange County, and Tender Greens is leading the way.

Chinese Chicken Salad