Day Trip - Part One Pasadena

Only an hour away, but a place I haven't spent much time in, Pasadena can offer an adventurer quite a lot of options for a day trip.  Walking around Old Town can be a good start of fun.  I just so happened to do this and stumbled across the Dog Haus.

I am normally not a fan of hotdogs, so I was unsure of this place.  Boy am I glad we stopped in.  Only a block away from Stone's Tasting Room, we opted to skip booze but it has a HUGE selection of draft beer sure to satisfy anyone's quench.

I ordered the Thai currywurst.  It had thai chilis, kim chee and thai basil sauce all piled on hawaiian rolls.  It was amazing.  I have been obsessed with currywurst ever since I visited Germany, and this was a unique take on it.  I was afraid it would be too spicy, but it was just right.  Wash it down with the tater tots and you have the best meal ever!

My boyfriend got the Das Brat which is a bratwurst on a hawaiian roll with grilled onions, sauerkrat, and creamy mustard (he opted out of the American cheese).  It was okay.  The mustard needed to be tangier and the roll was too sweet for the brat.  Choose something else, and I am sure it will be better.

4.5 sausages because my meal was awesome!

Best news ever guys, this place is coming to Santa Ana this summer!

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