So OC...

Fig & Olive just opened its doors a few months ago, and it is already popping with life.  It has locations throughout the nation and has gotten raves reviews in Los Angeles.  But its having a bit of trouble in OC...
The food is pretty good.  It is a french/italian style that focuses, as you would expect, on figs and olives.  The fig and olive salad was great for lunch, but some of the entree portions were a bit small.  The crostinis are perfect bite sized apps - although hard to share, so get a few.  The desserts are NOT to be skipped.  I loved the chocolate souffle personally.
The main issue with this restaurant is quite simply the service.  It was horrible.  I went here for a baby shower, and everyone got their food except for the expecting mother.  Who does that?!  Expect slow service when this place is busy, or even when it is empty to be honest. Decent food, but its definitely your typical "scene" in OC.  Will give it one more shot...gotta try the cocktails, right?
apple tartlet
3.5/5 figs for bad service, and decent food.

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