I love dumplings.

Good Chinese food can be hard to find.  And trying a new place, you never know what to expect.  But the first time I walked into 101 Noodle Express, I knew it was authentic and going to be amazing.  You know it's legit when you are the only white girl in the room.

dan dan noodles

pan-fried dumplings
 Although it IS a chain, we didn't actually find that out until after we went.  We of course got Dan Dan noodles (their specialty).  Ordered the hand torn noodles and was not disappointed.  My only complaint was that there wasn't more.

steamed dumplings
 Of course we also got dumplings.  My boyfriend ordered the pork panfried dumplings, and I ordered the steamed pork and leak dumplings.  We each liked the other's order better.  (Good thing we share.)  The dough was a bit on the heavier side, but the flavors of the pork were pretty spot on.  I totally screwed up (like the white girl I am) and meant to order steamed buns, but got the steamed dumplings instead.  Next time I will get my order right.

steamed buns...they burn the sh*t out of your mouth
This place isn't anything fancy or special.  It's cash only, which is a bitch pain.  But it gives me a new spot for some pretty freaking good dumplings (until Din Tai Fung opens.)  And we got all of that food for only $20 - heaven.

4/5 dumplings for what we got.  Can't wait to try the steamed buns and beef roll.

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