Fresh and local - the new trend

Places all around OC have been popping up that sell local, organic, fresh, trendy stuff.  True Foods is one of those places, but its actually fairly decent.  Its location at Fashion Island means it is upscale and more expensive than it needs to be, but it is a great place to take clients, co-workers, or those people you want to impress.  I took my parents...

literally you can order a giant bowl of veggies...and you have to pay for it
I have been here for both lunch and dinner.  I love the fresh juices and the cocktails even though they are $3-5 too expensive.  The menu has something for any type of allergy, life choice or diet.  

thai panag curry with chicken
My favorite thing on the menu is the thai curry (I get tofu with it).  For those not into the "healthy" schtick, get the bison burger.  You won't even realize its not beef.  The salads are a bit unimpressive, but the pizzas are supposed to be great.  If you only go to sit outside at the firepits you at least have to try the edamame dumplings - they will blow your mind!

 3.8 out of 5 salads because its a bit expensive and there is nothing that I ever crave from it.

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