An adventure in wine tasting.

I was born to drink wine.  Okay not really, but I did study abroad in Paris and then moved to SF, so I have had some good quality time learning to drink wine.  While I may have started off on the $2 buck stuff, I know how an annoyingly picky palate.  (What a snob, right?)  The one thing I will say that SoCal cannot do is produce great wines.  Fight me if you want.
 I have been trying to include more events on this page for you to try out, and for myself to attend.  One such event I attended was a Paso Robles wine tasting at the OC Wine Mart.  I was hesitant about a Paso Robles wine tasting, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The OC Wine Mart is a cute little market/tasting room with all kinds of wines, champagnes, and craft beer. 

feels just like a party at home
The owner holds tasting events every few weeks for about $25/person.  On our tasting day, it included 7 tastings and some small appetizers.  This place can also be really fun on your own.  OC Wine Mart gives you the option to buy a card for a certain amount of money (think Dave & Busters) and then choose the wine pours yourself.  You just need to insert your card, and the wines (on tap) will pour themselves.  The only downfall is a machine is MUCH more accurate than a human hand, so you can't flirt your way into a bigger pour.  Sorry ladies...
wines on "tap"
4/5 great wine selection and fun tastings, but I really really like to talk my way into a bigger taste

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