Brunch at Vitaly

It has been hard trying to keep up blogging, working, and eating out as much as I should, so when I had a free Saturday morning, I knew I had to skip Rooster Cafe and try a new spot.  Unfortunately, Vitaly was a bummer.

Vitaly is tucked in the back of the Camp in Costa Mesa.  It is an Italian (fairly authentic) restaurant that serves, breakfast, lunch and dinner, has a coffee bar, gelato and baked goods.  It really tries to offer everything you could want.  The dinner sounds really good - homemade pastas; the baked goods are tasty; and the coffee options are delicious.  However, the breakfast was unimpressive.

For $8.50, you get your choice of a three egg scramble or omelet. However, if you want anything in your eggs its at least another $1.00 for every item you add.  The eggs come with potatoes, but I was only given 4 potatoes...yes F-O-U-R.  It also comes with a side of some type of pita bread but the bread had zero taste.  So you pay $8.50 for three eggs.  It wasn't that the omelet tasted bad, it just isn't worth the effort of going to the Camp, dealing with parking and spending $9 to still be hungry.
I know it's weird, but when I asked for ketchup for my breakfast, this was all I got.  BUGS ME SO MUCH!
3.0/5.0 because the coffee is great, but I will try the dinner just to round out the review.

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