The Playground, brunch edition.

If you don't remember, I visited The Playground for dinner a few months ago.  It was so good (especially the fried chicken - dont ask just get it).  So when my boyfriend's plans for our brunch fell through (aka he didn't check to see if the restaurant was open on Sundays), I remembered the Playground serves brunch and we headed over to try it out.

The menu was much shorter than expected.  They have small plates such as cinnamin rolls and donuts, and then some main plates.  We decided to skip the small plates and just order the barbacoa huevos rancheros, and eggs, bacon and toast. Knowing that dinner was so good, we had high hopes. 

Unfortunately EVERYTHING was covered in salt on my plate and the huevos rancheros was lukewarm and there was barely any meat.  I was really bummed by the fact it was so unimpressive because the price was not cheap.  The great news is that the menu changes daily so there might be things worth trying!  And of course there is always chicken and waffles...

3.0/5 for decent food, but it wasn't hot and it wasn't priced well for what we got.

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