Another great LA joint makes its way to the OC!

It is so exciting to me when great LA restaurants make their way to Orange County.  I mean ideally I would rather these places start in OC, but know... So when I found out that Mendocino Farms was opening on 17th Street in Costa Mesa, I couldn't be more excited.

the Cubano
The first location opened in Downtown LA several years ago.  The lines haven't stopped since then.  It is a sandwich, salad and soup place that uses fresh ingredients.  It is more than a deli, and it is made to order.  There are strange sandwiches, some normal sandwiches but mostly delicious sandwiches. 

special of the day: Korean BBQ
Last week, I took some co-workers to try it out.  It was a lot of pressure because if they didn't like it, it was all my fault.  Luckily they (allegedly) enjoyed it.  The only OBNOXIOUS thing was that our food took over FIFTEEN minutes and we were THEE last people served at the restaurant.  It doesn't sound like a long time but when you have to bill every minute of your day it felt like an eternity.  (I really am in the curse of poor service lately).  I am hoping that next time I go I can be 100% enthused about of this place because it really is great food!

chicken and prosciutto salad
 I have had tons of the sandwiches - the MBT or Not so Fried Chicken are probably my favs - so this time I tried a salad.  I actually was pleasantly surprised.  I got the chicken prosciutto salad and it was SO much food.  It needed more acid (maybe a vinegar dressing instead of olive oil and basil), but I was so full and all the ingredients worked well together that I would actually come back and get a salad - and at a sandwich place, who knew!

inside the new place
4.5/5 because of the god damn poor service, again.

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