Why can't I find a good thai place?!

Growing up in Los Angeles meant that I had many types of food available everyday.  My dad loves Thai food so we often ate it two or three times a week (no exaggeration).  In San Francisco, I found the best Thai restaurant I have ever had - Marnee Thai, and since then I have been utterly disappointed with the Orange County options.  So when one of my co-workers told me about "the best Thai food in OC" I was SO excited.

I have driven by Royal Thai many times, but haven't stepped tried it - until last week.  A group of my co-workers and I went for lunch on Monday.  First red flag, it was empty.  We sat done and was handed the lunch menu.  I ordered the special, along with everyone else - but it was a pretty standard menu.  I got the Pad Thai because 1) it was recommended and 2) I judge Thai places off this dish.

Well it was pretty unimpressive.  No it wasn't bad, and yes I ate almost all of it, but it wasn't the typical Thai that I have had at real restaurants.  The noodles weren't great, and quite different than anything I had.  The tofu (yes I like tofu with pad thai) was just ehh, the egg roll was a typical Chinese egg roll, and apparently I need rice to have noodles?  I don't know the whole thing was quite confusing and since this meal I have heard of some new places to try Thai so I don't think I will be coming back here...

2.5/5 for edible but not authentic Thai Food.

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