Fun night out that won't break your budget?

Orange County can be one of the hardest places to find a good spot to go out at.  The Peninsula is where all the 21 year olds drink until they are blacked out and then drink some more.  Triangle Square is where the out of towners hang out.  CDM is where the cougars where are the 20 and 30 somethings hanging out?  The best bet? The Boulevard.

The bar next to Goat Hill used to be a divey, nautical themed POS bar.  Well luckily, new owners decided to spruce it up, give it a hipster spin and play the best jams that ever happened to music (aka 90s music).  And now, the hipster 20-30 somethings (aka me) are keeping it busy and hip all weekend long.  There's a huge selection of craft beer, great cocktails and room to dance when the juices start to flow.  At the end of the night the food trucks line up right outside the door and the lyfts are easy breezy.  What else do you need in life???

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4.8/5 for a nice selection of jams, great craft beers on tap, and food trucks, winning!

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