Taco Tuesday at Sol

Or should I say Slow.  Granted we had a party of 14, BUT STILL!!!! We had reservations and it still took 30 minutes to sit down.  I mean, if you can't seat us for that long at least offer us a drink.  It was an hour before we even got our orders in.

The margs were...eh.  The service I can look past this one time, but its essentially a Javier's menu (and pricing) without the fun that Javier's provides (aka coug watching).  Pluses: you get beans and salsa with chips; Cons: the chips are horrible.  They put some sort of seasoning on it but it doesn't taste like anything and is just messy.

fish taco (that they got wrong)
Tacos were pretty cheap for taco Tuesday, but they aren't anything special.  I ordered two chicken tacos and a fish taco.  However, as we know I am lactose intolerant and so I asked for no dairy.  Oh it took them FOUR tacos to finally figure out how to not put the cream sauce on the fish.  I'm not kidding you.  I know I am a B for having dietary needs but what if it was as bad as a peanut allergy - I mean I could have sued!  Anyway, once the fish taco was done correctly it was actually really good!  Too bad it took them 45 EXTRA minutes to get it to me so I was already full on the bad chips and my two other tacos. 

if its your birthday you get churro chips...I'm serious
 I think I will wait until someone else is footing the bill before I go here again...

2 out of 5 tacos for horrible service and just mediocre food - skip for something better

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