Lazy Thursdays are the Best

In college, Thursdays used to be the night that all the parties went down.  God I feel old just even saying that.  Now, Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week.  I can just lay on my couch, watch TV and know that I have only one day left of work.  But NOW the reason I love Thursdays is that Suits is back on.  What a great show!  If you haven't started watching it, better catch up soon.  My plans for tonight is getting a pizza and sitting down on my couch with Harvey and Mike.

This weekend during the Oscars, I tried a new pizza place across the street (see the definition of lazy) called Rafael's Pizza.  My friends and I ordered the Meat Lovers, and it was pretty tasty.  The dough is medium thick, and the toppings are fresh.  The marina was good too.  Not the best but it was convenient, good and relatively cheap -$22 for a large.  (The boys forgot that good pizza costs more than Domino's $5 deals, and complained it was overpriced, but you decide for yourself.)  And they even deliver too!  You know, for those nights I can't walk across the street.

Pair it with one of these local beers for a perfect OC night:
1.  Coulter IPA - Cismontane Brewing Company, Rancho Santa Margarita
2.  Black Phoenix Stout - Bootlegger's Brewery, Fullerton
3.  Red Hill Red - Tustin Brewing Company, Tustin
4.  Big Black Mariah - Noble Ale Works, Anaheim
5.  Leche Mole Stout - Bottle Logic Brewing, Anaheim

Or...If you are feeling very adventurous, or aren't boring like me, The Copper Door is being taken over by Ballast Point Brewery (one of the better beers in SD) tonight!  25 kegs will be all Ballast Point (including a cask) with live music all night long!

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