Cocktails anyone?

I've blogged A LOT this week.  Maybe too much for your liking.  But one last post and I will leave you with a wonderful (hopefully rainy) weekend.

This Sunday starts the beginning of OC Cocktail week.  Yeah I write a lot about booze.  Sorry...wait no I'm not.  I'm young, don't have kids and like my booze.  The deal with OC Cocktail week is that for $20.14 you get cocktails paired with appetizers and small bites.  (See being safe with the munchies!)  For example: Wild Goose has a cocktail of your choice, a starter, and an entree for only $20!  To be honest, this might be even better than restaurant week! Whose up for happy hour???


  1. Totally better than restaurant week!!! I'm old, don't have kids at home and like my booze. So don't try to call me until Monday!!!

  2. This drink looks so good!!! Thanks for the news on oc cocktail week.... now i'm gonna check it out! =)

  3. Ladies, tell me where you go! I am going to make my Friday night a "treat yo self" night and head to one of the better ones. (I will determine based on booze of course!)