An odd place for a happy hour.

Good Morning Gents and Ladies.  It's my favorite day of the week - Thursday.  Why you ask?  Well once upon a time it meant the start of the weekend: toga parties, bar crawls, etc.  Now it is one more day to the weekend, but I can see the light; I am finally happy that the weekend is so close; and I am not exhausted from an entire week of work.  Plus Friday is really just a short work day anyway right?  (Sorry work, I am absolutely kidding about that...)

Anyway, back to why we are all really here.  Thursday also is the first acceptable day for happy hour.  (Some of you may say Tuesday but that's really only for tacos and alcoholics.)  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an unsuspecting happy hour location: Whole Foods.  Crazy, you might say, but you are going to want to check it out.

Hangar Bar
Deep in Irvine, at the District location, there is a wine and beer bar (Hangar Bar) in the back of Whole Foods.  It has happy hour, wine flights, BEER flights, and even special events on Sundays.  The selection of both beer and wine is insane - leaving every person who walks in happy.  Not only that, but you can also pick up any food that you want in the store and eat it at the Hangar Bar.

ever changing tap list at Hangar Bar
It just so happened that on this occasion, I was picking up some beer for a beer tasting party I hosted (so hipster I know) and stumbled across Whole Food's newest partner - Pie Not.  So of course I got a pie to go as I walked through the endless aisles of beer.  And they even will heat it up for you!

It was okay, nothing really special.  The filling was like a traditional samosa, but the veggies were quite large sized for a "small" bite.  And I understand the concept is to have a pie crust, but it just felt heavier than need be.  I still want to try some at the actually Pie-Not location, but this was kind of a let down.  There was just too much bread, even if the bread was a pie crust.

Even if you don't want to sit in a grocery store to drink your booze, check out Whole Foods' collection of both beer and wine.  It rivals Bev-Mo or High Times any day of the week, and has lots of local selection too.  You won't be disappointed by this place, and hey maybe you can do a little shopping for dinner while you're at it so the wife(y) won't starve.

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