Where to post up for the (final) game.

USA takes on Germany in its final game of group play tomorrow at 9 AM.  Yes, 9 AM.  For some of you that don't have to be at work and secretly stream it on watchespn.com, quite a few places are opening up early for your viewing pleasure.  Below are a few I recommend:

Crow Burger Kitchen (on the Peninsula) has announced that they will be open at 9 am for the game, and will be serving breakfast burritos and bloody Mary's.  Problem is, the game starts at 9.

Mutt's is THEE place to watch any USA team compete.  The crowd is wild, they usually play the sound and the mimosa's, bloody's, and scooners will ensure that you cannot drive at the end of the game.  The food is pretty decent for bar food too.

If you want to avoid crowds or  beach traffic, Classic Q in Irvine has more TVs than you know what to do. The selection of beers isn't wonderful, but they do have breakfast specials during the game and has tons of seating.  I went here with a group of my friends on Sunday, and we arrived about two hours before the game and were able to snag enough room for 15 of us.  It WILL still have some crowds though so you will have to get here by 8 AM if you want a good spot.

#Ibelievethatwewillwin #USMNT America FFFF YAH!

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