Local lunch spots.

When I can get away from my desk, I try to eat at new lunch spots around my work.  I don't technically get much of a lunch break (thanks attorney life), but every once in awhile a girl needs a break.  This past week I took two - oops! 

just a plain ol' roast beef sandwich from Checkers
The first lunch spot I tried was a total dive.  Checkers is located inside of an office building off of Campus and Bardeen in Irvine.  They have a well priced salad bar, and then have sandwiches, burgers, warm wraps, you name it.  Come early it gets PACKED.  I got a chicken wrap, which took SO long in the lunch rush hour but was pretty tasty and loaded with veggies.  The place is CASH ONLY but actually pretty cheap.  The sandwiches looked pretty good, but don't expect Rose Café.  My boyfriend says the breakfast burritos are the cream of the crop though.

Checkers does a Special Entrée everyday - here's the Teriyaki Beef
The second lunch I actually went to was over in Villa Siena in their little "neighborhood" area.  I had never been here before and it was pretty convenient - even for parking which is a first for Irvine Company.  I went to Avocado Café and got a tuna sandwich.  I normally try turkey or tuna to judge a sandwich place because I am oh so particular with my tuna.  This place is going for the healthy Hawaiian vibe and does a fairly good job.  It is definitely OC prices (aka $10 for a sandwich), but they do make a good sandwich.  The tuna is ehh but at least I know I am getting something healthy for once!  I want to come back and try something else that doesn't come with soy bacon...yes you heard me right.  The acai bowls look pretty delish too.

Moral of the story: skip Checkers unless you like cheap and divey, attend Avocado so much as your wallet allows but Which Wich might be a better option daily.

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