I love the meatballs.

I'd like to say I am a meatball connoisseur, but really I just enjoy a well made meatball.  In New York, I die for all things at The Meatball Shop.  In San Francisco, the traditional Italian meatball sub is my go to at Molinari's.  And now in San Diego, I have Soda & Swine.

Staged in an outdoor space that has been enclosed, it feels like you are having a picnic outside without having to listen to the cars roll by.  The vibe is very hipster (as most of SD is these days) and is conjoined with Polite Provisions, their sister cocktail restaurant.  If you want, you can order the meatballs at Polite Provisions while you sip some cocktails - I must have died and gone to heaven.

:garlic knots and twice fried french fries:
Now to the food.  Without a doubt order the sliders.  These are the perfect sampler size to determine which balls you like the most.  (get your mind out of the gutter people)  I tried the bovine meatballs on a slider and of course got the garlic knots and the french fries.  I only got one slider because (embarrassing moment) we were on our way to lunch.  But believe me I will be back to try each and every one of these bad boys.  And they are open until 1:30 AM!  Who needs bad Mexican food when you got this instead!  Now how to move to San Diego....

4.5/5 balls - I can't give it a five until I have tried everything and come back at least one more time.  But its pretty much that good already...

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