4 reasons to C4

Santa Ana is the hipster mecca of OC these days.  When I found out a new sandwich shop had arrived I was overjoyed.  San Francisco had more delis in one district then South OC has in its entire vicinity.  C4 is definitely a welcoming sight!

1.  Clean, yet art deco appearance.
When you think hipsters, you usually think unshowered, unclean, vintage clothes, and obnoxious tats.  Well C4 has done a great job at giving you a retro vibe while keeping it clean and classy.

2. 16 rotating handles and wines on tap as well as bottles you can purchase for in-store consumption.
I love a place that has more than just Sierra Nevada on tap.   After spending a night with frat boys ordering bud light, I could not be more thankful that C4 is as far from the Peninsula as possible.

3.  The price is right.
Delis, especially "hipster" ones could be super expensive.  If this place was located in CDM it would easily be twice as expensive.  But C4 keeps it reasonable by having sandwiches priced from $5.99-$9.99 and they also even have combos.

4.  Food is hella good.
Can't believe I just said that, but SF has changed me.  The sandwiches aren't too big, but they weren't small either.  The Rebuen and corned beef were just incredibly moist and tasty, and the sauces were like nothing I have had before.  They pickle almost everything, and their coleslaw was quite unique.

4.5/5 sandwiches - my only complaint was not enough meat on the sandwich.

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