Shabu? Shab-ya!

Okay that was a lame joke.  I know, but Shabu Shabu makes me so excited - then add friends and sake bombs and you have my heart a fluttering.

the whole "kitten" caboodle (as my dad would say)
This past Friday some friends and I headed to SWSH at Diamond Jamboree for a night out.  Shabu Shabu is a hot pot in which you cook your meat and veggies in.  Yes, you have to cook your own dinner, but it can be quite fun - and at least its something different.

veggies and noodles and tofu oh my!
There is meat, fish, chicken, and pork and then different types of noodles and a selection of veggies.  Then add a dipping sauce and you have a wonderful meal that you made but don't have to prepare or clean up after.  Add some pitchers of beer and hot sake and you will be surprised how quickly your meal disappears.  To continue the night, head over to the karaoke joint next door!
Salmon "flowers"
  • 3.5 "hungry girls" out of 5 - a bit expensive, and not enough veggies for my taste, but it was a fun environment and good for a small group of friends wanting a night on the "town"

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