Sometimes a girl's just gotta get fancy.

Every once in a while I splurge on a meal for fun.  This time it was at Marche Moderne with a classmate of mine for a belated holiday present.  Let's just say the hype is well worth it.  Located at South Coast Plaza, Marche Moderne is an easy spot to get to from all areas of OC.

While I might not recommend it for a group dinner, I think its perfect for a girls lunch or a business/date lunch.  I say lunch because they have a great prix fixe meal for only $25.  Even adding a few champagne cocktails, you still stay under $100.  (Yes, I know its a lot, but see above people..special occasion!) 

Choice of Fish or Meat, typically.

The menu changes each season depending on what is in season, and it is a French inspired menu so think creamy, rich, although smaller portions.  You definitely leave full though. Its three courses, in which you get your choice of the second.  The only con - you are still sitting in a mall next to Nordstrom.  While the food is delicious, the ambiance isn't the best, which is another reason I recommend lunch.  Either way, its a fun, out of the ordinary dining experience fitting for a great meal and perfect location to shop!

Chocolate Mousse
Don't miss: the Champagne Cocktails.
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